The Goods & Grain Blog – The Why Behind it

It’s been about a year of having my website completed and a blog tab created… of which it has sat empty.

Correction, half empty, with a half-filled-out entry. Before I carry on about the trials and tribulations of why it’s taken a full year to get one up, can we please take a moment to ogle at the website you may have just journeyed through to get to this blog post?

Aubrey Strother of Crafted by Aubrey, is a wildly talented web and branding designer. I found her through Instagram, but fell in love with her past work on photographer Haley Sue’s website. Her aesthetic, being a mama, and being another small business owner checked all the boxes I had for wanting her to bring to life the vision I had for this project. Her pricing was a smidge higher than what I had budgeted for, but I knew her pricing was fair and even under budget for what a larger company would have charged, for what she would deliver.

Mind you, this was a year ago; pre-therapy, pre-ADHD diagnosis/medicated Brittany, and pre-working with Luneer MGMT, the virtual assistant service company I’ve been working with for 3 months now. They also helped proofread this post! More blogs on all those topics coming soon.

Given what Aubrey was given to work with; smatterings of paper and mutterings I managed to convey, I’d say she crafted a pretty incredible work of art. I highly recommend working with her. See for yourself by clicking on her name anywhere in this post!

Now that the long overdue credit where credit is due part is taken care of, let’s get to the heart of it.

Here is the reason I am starting this blog and embarking on exploring the Pinterest platform to expand my reach and impact.


I realized I had hadn’t written my “why” list.  A why list is similar to a good ole fashioned pro and con list, but one I believe is best used to examine the intention behind the action. I needed to acknowledge where this desire came from and delve deeper into my core values, both business and personal.

I do this because in the past three years of the entrepreneurial roller coaster I’ve been on, I have done things I thought I should do… but were not actually in alignment with my greater vision. Pesky external perceptions I was susceptible to, much like we all are from friends, family, and peers. It wasn’t until I became self-aware in which I would find myself in a state of inaction and completely frozen, that it became clear there was something below the surface that needed to be addressed and examined.

So, I thought what better time than to share my list with all of you. I know in my heart that the same fears I have and hold are also ones held by others. I am here to shine a light on the internal realm of my fear; to disintegrate it into ashes so I may sweep it up and throw it away. So I may carry on with the part of me that thinks this is a soul-aligned mission and share my story.

While there is still a part of me that thinks this is too much to share, too personal, there is a bigger part that knows this may help someone else find solidarity, courage, and hope. Hope to push through the same barriers, and to live fully in person.

And if you’re like me, your career pursuit of creative entrepreneurship..


My first Blog Post is on Why to Start a Blog. Cliché perhaps, but I’m doing it anyway! (A picture from my journal below and in case you can’t read that chicken scratch, a lil graphic.)

The schedule for these blogs will be for the next 6 months, releasing on the 12th (an arbitrary, but favorite number.) This is an accountability check for myself, to announce and hold myself to. There will be an accompanying email, newsletter, and post.

The plan over these next 6 months is to cover topics such as accountability, consistency, motherhood, navigating depression and anxiety, a late ADHD diagnosis as a 35 year old woman, and the most challenging and still a bit raw… the separation and calling off of my wedding to my partner of 10 years. There will be book recommendations, podcasts I’m binging, small business hacks, laser tips, supply recommendations, meditation routines, upcoming workshop dates, and the rollout of my digital course coming in 2024!

You are here and I am grateful.

You are a multifaceted and passionate human who I am so appreciative to have connected with and been granted permission to exist in your space.

Here’s to creating the life you imagine!